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The Bug Shield By Armadillo
The Bug Shield By Armadillo
The Bug Shield By Armadillo
The Tradition Continues + New Products & Changes in 2014
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​About The Bug Shield / Hood Protectors Have Been Providing Vehicle Protection For More Than 45 Years.

Bug Shields (also known as Hood Protectors) have been around for a long time. The hood protectors we make are designed to compliment the look of the vehicle & provided maximum protection against bugs, rocks and debris.

Designed for easy cleaning
Scratch Resistant Lexan / Acrylic
Durable and UV Stable
Custom Contoured To Give you the best fit and most protection.

Our bug deflectors and bug shields protect the leading edge of your hood from stone chips, bug residue, and other road debris, while not changing the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Bug shields are an important accessory for protecting your truck, car, van or SUV. Bug Deflectors also provide an important safety feature by deflecting bugs so they don't splatter against your windshield, blocking your vision or causing you to swerve. Bug Shields also keep rocks, stones, and road debris away from your windshield, minimizing cracking, breakage, pitting and again, most importantly, a dangerous reaction while driving.

Imagine your reaction when a rock, stone, road gravel, a sizable bug, or other debris from the road or from a vehicle in front of you comes flying toward you while you’re driving. Your automatic reaction might be to duck, shield your face, brake or swerve – all of which are completely natural reactions but, depending on the situation, can be quite dangerous. Not to mention the danger of impaired visibility or worse, a rock or stone actually cracking your windshield. This safety aspect of rock, stone, wind or bug deflectors is their most important feature. But it’s not all they do. 

In addition to protecting your visibility and the integrity of your windshield, bug deflectors also protect the finish of your hood. Not only will your hood deflector keep rocks, stones, road gravel and other road debris from pitting, denting or scratching your hood, but by deflecting bugs, your bug shield is also protecting your vehicle's finish because dead bugs fuse to the paint and etch and pit your vehicle’s finish in a way that can be as damaging as rocks. 

How Our Bug Shields Work 
Bug shields on the front of your car, truck, van or SUV actually alters the aerodynamics of your vehicle, so that the wind path shifts up and over your vehicle's front end, and up and over your windshield. Bug deflectors and bug shields shift the wind current so that objects are not directed into your windshield but are deflected up, over and away from your windshield, thereby maintaining your visibility and keeping your windshield relatively clean and clear. This is why they are also commonly called hood deflectors as well as bug shields. 

Bug Deflector Materials 
Mounted on the front of your hood, you can imagine the strength they need to be in order to withstand wind force and flying debris that they encounter in that leading-edge position. Not to worry. Our bug deflectors are made from premium-grade Lexan or acrylic with contoured aero styling to provide excellent strength and durability, not to mention top-notch protection without interfering with the aerodynamics of your vehicle. 

All our bug shields look great and are EASY TO CLEAN. You can go with one of our clear bug shields or choose from a number of colors such as Smoke, Red, Blue or paintable White bug deflectors to compliment your vehicle’s color and styling

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